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Duchamp Alive | What will you ask Duchamp if he were alive?

What/who inspired the work?

What do you hope its viewers will feel/think?

Why did you choose the medium, subject matter, style?

Davis Lisboa, What will you ask Duchamp if he were alive?,
2018, PNG image, 2070 × 1694

If your have a question to Duchamp, please sent it to:

Flavio Morais:
if he can be the president of Brasil!

Auguste Legrand
l'adresse de son coiffeur

Alexandre Gurita
Do you like all these thousand artists who produce ready-made?

Davis Lisboa
If you are considered an artist so important in the history of art, why your works do not appear in the most expensive ones?

Francesc Torres
How did you get the idea?

John Luna
I guess I'd want to clear up the mystery about the authourship of the Fountain, in which case we'd need to resurrect the Baroness as well...

Ami Clarke
Why did you take credit for a Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven’s work?

Brian Goings
Would you please autograph my card?

Robby Johannes Elisabeth Gertruda Fermont
Where can we peep?

Rose Marie Barrientos
Will you have coffee with me? At your convenience.